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Ryan Hunter, Aaron Hunter, SCE Gaskets


Hunter-Works, LLC is managed by Ryan Hunter, founder and former President of SCE Gaskets, now Athena-SCE, Inc. During his 33 years in the automotive aftermarket, Ryan grew SCE Gaskets from the garage to a multi-million-dollar brand distributed across North America, Australia, Europe, and the Middle East.


Ryan is available to consult with other small, innovative companies to help them navigate the sometimes-shallow waters to success in the automotive aftermarket. Ryan's experience with the phases of business from start-up to profitable operation makes him a helpful advisor for business organization, intellectual property, product launch, marketing, distribution, mergers, and turnarounds.

Ryan Hunter media interview
Grease Guard for Slip Joint
Grease Guard Shaft Mount 2
Grease Guard Yoke Mount 1
Grease Guard Double Cardan 4


Hunter-Works has developed a new product for drivelines of Jeep & Light Truck, Off-Road, Heavy Trucks and Agriculture. Patented Protector U-Joint Covers are a smart fix to the messy problem of lubricating grease flying in every direction off driveshafts. Protector U-Joint Covers also keep things out, like mud, rocks, brush & hands.

The simple solution to dirty undercarriages.

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